Tor’Un Scout Team (Warhammer 40,000 – Tau) 2012

Tor’Un is a far-flung, pioneering Tau world, orbiting close to the border of Ultramar. The population of Tor’Un is small, and so rely on stealth and drone technology to make up for their lack in Taupower.

The origin of this project was, well, I just wanted to paint a Battlesuit and try make it as crisp and clean as possible. Sure, it’s not the greatest paint job ever, but I’m still pretty proud of it, as early paintjobs go. The original baby-blue Battlesuit was soon joined by another plastic Battlesuit and an expensive Forgeworld Suit that have so far gone unpainted (and probably will be flogged some day… oooh well).

The addition of a Stealth Suit team really fleshed out the little “warband”, turning it from a single practice model to a small narrative force in its own right.

 A small Scout Team from the Tau world of Tor’Un emerges from ambush to vaporise prey

2 thoughts on “Tor’Un Scout Team (Warhammer 40,000 – Tau) 2012

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