X-Wing Fleets (X-Wing – Rebels and Empire) 2014

I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan and can’t claim to have much knowledge of the expanded, but the release of the space-craft skirmish game X-Wing got me super excited for fighters and lasers.

The game itself is super fun, perhaps getting me to roll dice more than anything else. The fact that the rules could be picked up and understood in an hour or so made it perfect for bringing along to parties. Who doesn’t love Star Wars?

Of course, me being me, I couldn’t pick up these miniature kits without applying my own paintjobs, making them “my dudes”. This project was a nice break from 28mm, and allowed me to work on vehicles, which is something I almost never had in any depth before. I’ll probably still have to practice a bit before applying the same techniques to 28mm vehicles, though.

My Rebels were actually painted up as “Kessel Runners”, a band of pirates that race the Kessel Run, delivering spice and other narcotics. I honestly have no idea if any of this would make sense in the universe, so I apologize for offending, Star Wars fans. I also painted my Empire fleet in a Sith-y scheme, imagining that this is a fleet that flies around with Darth Sidious himself… or perhaps, some other Sith Lord.

I painted up both sides of the original game, along with a few expansions and “large ships”. Most of these guys are now in boxes, waiting for their next flight.

The Kessel Runners
Imperial Grand Authority



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